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Year XXII, No. 10 (October 2018)



Jillian L. (piano)
Surtheka U. (trombone)
Brian L. (trumpet)
Nicholas C. (piano)
Isabella C. (piano)
Tilak V. (tuba)
Louis D. (piano)
Aakavi V. (piano)
Avane V. (piano)
Madjur K. (violin)
Sanay K. (piano)
Celina L. (voice)
Dhanya S. (piano)



Moheng W., Ashley A., Bernadette B., Isabel F., Madeleine J., Kavish V., Harry H., Janice C., Johnny K., Elijah G., Christine A., Ryan W., Rohin F., Ringo B., Pina L., Alice L., Darius B., Samantha C., Oivia C., Connor L., Mitchell B., Jayden C., Kevin L., Konstantine K., Esther L.




October 1: International Music Day
October 6: Thanksgiving. School is open.
October 15: RCM Winter session application deadline
October 22: PA DAY (YR)
October 20: Flato Markham Theatre.
Kindred Spirits Orchestra. The Firebird




    Do you enjoy drawing?
             Do you like creating images?

Take part of the IMA DRAWING CONTEST!

The theme is: `Music makes people…`

You can use the following materials: pastels, colour crayons, aquarelles, or black pencil on paper size 8” x 8”.

 The contest is open to all students currently registered at the IMA who are 16 y.o. and under as of November 1, 2018. Only one drawing per student will be accepted. Remember to put your name at the bottom of the drawing and leave it at the IMA Office by November 1. The results will be announced in the IMA November newsletter.

The prizes: The top three winners will have their drawings published in the IMA November newsletters, on the IMA website: www.InternationalMusicAcademy.ca and on the IMA Facebook page.

There is more: the top winner will also receive a pair of tickets for a concert of the Kindred Spirits Orchestra at Flato Markham Theatre (value of $80). The 2nd prize will also include one complimentary 30-minute lesson at the International Music Academy (a $32 value). The 3rd prize will also include a $10 iTunes gift card.

`Music makes people…`  - start your drawing today!



If you are ready to purchase a high quality pre-own piano through one of the IMA commercial partners, 3 of your lessons at the IMA will be free. Call our Office or e-mail Office@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca for more information. Pre-own piano is a great investment that comes at an attractive price, with a free tuning and delivery.



We have been very pleased with the continuous success of our students. They have improved a great deal and we share their excitement with their families, friends, neighbors, and schoolmates. We appreciate your interest towards our programs and services. We are always very happy to welcome new students of all ages, levels, and instruments to the iMA. Please tell your friends about your experience with the International Music Academy.

Do you know someone who is thinking of taking music lessons or who has children who may be interested in getting their hands on a musical instrument or singing? Do you know a teenager who needs a high school OAC credit? Do you know an adult who has wanted for a long time to learn how to play a musical instrument but has never had the time or inclination? Please tell them about the IMA.

As an appreciation for your referral, we will give you a $30 credit for each new student who registers at the International Music Academy as a result of your referral. As we value your friends as much as we value you, we will offer to each referred student a $30 credit as well.



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The IMA offers personalized Gift Cards that could be used as thoughtful birthday, holiday, bar/bat Mitzvah, graduation gift or for any other occasions as well as to encourage someone to start learning a musical instrument or singing. The card can be used for any products or services.

The gift card is available for any amount. As cards are personalized with the name of the person who will receive it as well as with the name of the person who purchase it, requests have to be made 1 day in advance. Cards can be ordered in person, by phone at 905.489.4620 or by e-mail at info@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca. At the time the card is ordered, a non-refundable $5 deposit is required. The full value of the card is paid upon pick-up (and the deposit is credited towards the purchase price). Payments can be made by any major credit card, cheque or cash as well as through the accounts of the IMA Clients.



1/10/1865 Paul Dukas born

2/10/1920 Max Bruch died

3/10/1931 Carl Nielsen died

9/10/1813 Verdi born 

9/10/1835 Saint-Saëns born

11/10/1896 Bruckner died

12/10/1872 Vaughan Williams born

14/10/1990 Bernstein died

17/10/1849 Chopin died

18/10/1893 Gounod died

20/10/1874 Charles Ives born

22/10/1811 Liszt born

24/10/1725 A Scarlatti died

25/10/1825 J Strauss Jr born

25/10/1838 Bizet born 

26/10/1685 D Scarlatti born

27/10/1782 Paganini born

Where you born or do you know someone who was born on the same day as these famous composers? Drop us e-mail at info@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca to let us know.



Mr. John Mills, M.Mus. B.Ed.

Guitar, Drums, Woodwinds and Brass instruments, Music theory

Mr. Mills has earned his Bachelor of Education degree from York University and music certification from University of Toronto. He brings over 25 years of teaching experience to the International Music Academy in various guitar styles, music theory and numerous bluegrass instruments. For many years, Mr. Mills taught all the concert band instruments for the Toronto District School Board. His youth stage bands performed at Ontario Place and numerous Community Centers, while his choirs were featured on children’s television. He organized Master classes for the Scarborough night studies programs for many years, along with teaching at various music schools throughout the city. As a performer, he was lead guitarist for the Arrivals for two years before touring with the Elvis Memories retro show. His caring, unique, multi‐resource approach to teaching has met with measured success throughout his instructional career. Mr. Mills is a registered teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Mr. Mills was happy to answer a few questions for our students and parents:

1. What do you like most about teaching? Teaching is a dynamic time of sharing. The knowledge imparted by the teacher is but a small part of the overall procedure. As an instructor, I would be allowed to participate in the joy and excitement of the student’s commitment to higher learning. Sharing in the active growth of the student offers a window of observation into a learning progression which serves to enrich both participants. Self discovery and self fulfillment are ongoing processes that lend excitement to the overall development and serve to reinforce and validate the applied methods.

2. How do you inspire students to practice more? As an instructor I hope I would serve as a valuable role model to the student. Through demonstration and visible commitment, I am placed in the position of being able to encourage the students. The resultant effect often assists in the motivation of the student. Appropriate praise and critiquing are also a factor in inspiring the students to demand more of themselves. This often quickly translates into a greater dedication to their practice time. Offering suitable challenges to the student may also help to enrich their practice time and facilitate more productive results.

3. What roles does performance play in student’s development? Performance offers the students an opportunity to justify and proudly display the results of all the hours put into perfecting their skills. It is a time to let peers know that total commitment is a quality to be admired and appreciated. It is also a time for the student to revel in their accomplishments as well as become aware of their own limitations. In effect, performance becomes a secondary learning device that hopefully serves to inspire and enrich their IMA experience.

4. Who are your favourite composers? John Dowland, J.S. Bach, Charlie Parker, Lennon/McCartney and various traditional blues composers are but a few of the artists the I draw inspiration from. There is something in the quality of their compositions which speaks to me at a profound level and inspires me to achieve greater success in my own arrangements.

5. What was the last piece of music (sheet music or a recording) you purchased for yourself? My most recent acquisition was the complete Verve works of Charlie Parker. It gives me pleasure to know that there are artists out there that can provide me with an opportunity to learn, experience and appreciate the depths to which the human spirit can reach.



Lucia Alfonso

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Kristian:Desktop:Lucia Alfonso.jpgWhat instrument do you play? –  I am learning to play piano, but I also want to learn how to play the recorder at school.

How long have you taken lessons? – I just started at IMA last year, in 2017. 

Who are your favourite musical artists? – My favourite artist is Anne Marie.

What are your other hobbies, besides music? – I love reading. You will find me with a book everywhere and I like to play Roblox.

Favourite food? – I love turrón.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learnt in your lessons in the past three months? I recently learned how to play The Galway piper.

Do you have any performance coming up? – No, I don't have any performance coming up.

E-mail to info@InternationalMusicAcademy.ca a photo of yourself (or your child) together with the answers of the questions above. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of every month. We will feature you in one of the next issues of the newsletter.



Send a photo of your pet together with following information and we will publish it in one of the next issues of the IMA newsletter. What is the name of your pet? How old is he/she? What kind of breed our pet is (if applicable)? How long have you had him/her for? Any special circumstances around getting the pet (i.e. a gift, foster pet, etc.)? The funniest story about you pet? Any special skills or abilities?




By Stephen Moss

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to read music and play an instrument, not just the kids of thrusting middle-class parents. The principle is that a child is never too young to start a relationship with music; creative play is the key and it should never be a chore; musical exploration will feed into other disciplines; children should be allowed to develop at their own pace and go into music as deeply as they wish. It is fantastically successful, and Finland has produced a stream of extraordinary musicians over the past 30 years – making it surely per capita the most productive country for churning out great classical conductors and soloists.

Yes, I am mainly thinking about classical music here, because that’s what I know and revere. Actually, I revere Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen too, and like lots of light music, and 1930s crooning, and jazz and pop; even – on the very few occasions when I hear it – more modern “pop” offerings. But for me classical music is the cornerstone, and I want children to be introduced to Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin and Brahms as early as possible. Mahler and Stravinsky may have to come a little later; Bartók, too, except for the piano pieces he specifically wrote for children to play. Perhaps my evangelism on behalf of classical music and getting involved early is a result of my own failure as a child to learn an instrument.

My grandmother was a professional pianist – playing popular rather than classical music and accompanying singers on stage – but had been worn down by life by the time I appeared on the scene and was in no state to teach me. My mother was a capable pianist with a taste for ballads and popular repertoire but had no pedagogical skills; and I was just too damned lazy to explore the old piano we had in the house for myself. What a wasted opportunity; what a condemnation of my lack of curiosity. Almost every other person you meet says one of their greatest regrets is that they didn’t learn to read music or play an instrument. That’s certainly true of me: there were no lessons on offer at my big comprehensive. Good though it was, it didn’t offer too many frills. It had enough to do getting you through the curriculum. There was no school orchestra; no tradition of teaching – properly teaching – music. The only real players there were – I remember an ace pianist and a very good trombonist – were middle-class kids being taught in private lessons paid for by their parents. Like a typical parent, I tried to right this wrong done to me by getting my son to learn the piano. He ploughed on for 10 years and got to grade seven. I’m not sure he ever particularly enjoyed it and doesn’t play now, a decade later, but I hope he got something out of it.

Access to that world, the rigour of learning to play, the chance to play duets with my mother – Mozart meets Mrs Mills. My mother certainly enjoyed it. A child is never too young to start a relationship with music Not every child is going to become a Finnish-style musical superstar. Some, like my son, will drop away. But every child should, as Corbyn says, be given the opportunity. Why should it just be the kids of thrusting middle-class parents and pupils at public schools? Music and playing an instrument should be an integral part of Britain’s education system, and once it is we will have a healthier attitude to learning and a greater appreciation of classical music. At present, the latter is marginalised and treated like some rarefied activity, whereas in reality it is emotionally powerful and potentially universal in its appeal. Putting music at the heart of education will improve children’s lives and, slowly but surely, improve all our lives, by making classical music seem relevant, necessary, intoxicating. Just ask the Finns.



Text Box: International Music Academy GIFT CERTIFICATE for new students only  ONE FREE LESSON Call the IMA Office at 905.489.4620 (Markham) or 905.640.6363 (Stouffville) to schedule your first lesson. Once scheduled, the lesson cannot be rescheduled. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No refunds, no exchanges.

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Dr. Teresa Suen-Campbell
DMA in Harp Performance (Northwestern University)
Studio located in Oakville (Dundas St and Bronte Rd)

  • Now accepting students of all ages; lever or pedal harp
  • Some music background is preferred but not required.
  • Former students won top prizes in various International Harp Competitions.
  • Aural and sight-reading skills training also available.
  • Free consultation on rental/purchase of instrument

Phone: (647) 222-3349
Website: www.teresasuen.com
E-mail: teresasuencampbell@gmail.com